Best Exercise to Enlarge Your Penis

Most of the guys are bordered about the length and girth of their manhood. We have many kinds of penis enlargement medications in the stores, but the truth still remains that a lot of them do not deliver positive result. Nevertheless, we have penis enlargement exercises which you can perform to increase your penis size naturally, but the fact is that its a slow process. You should expect at least a month or two to see visible result. I know a lot of people will not want to follow the long process, but it works. All you need is patient and in no time you could get real results.

The penis size is able to able to increase as a result of 3 major tissues. Apart from those tissues we also have muscle that is located around the penis called pubo coccygeal. This muscle aids to preserve erection and also aid to prevent premature ejaculation.

Apart from preserving your erection it also takes control of your general penis size and thickness. The spongy tunnel does not only hold blood, but we have other muscles which oversees your dick size. They are usually referred to as spongy cavernous and bulbo cavernous. They are the muscles which enfolds all over the shaft of your dick, they are similar to belts. If they are pumped and compressed, they will provide rigidness and thickness to your shaft. When these two muscles are toned up your pump ability will be stepped-up and the performance of a guy penis at the time of intercourse.

Some of the best penis exercise to enlarge your penis are:

1. Pc ligament stretch: this method is similar to masturbation. It requires the rotation of your thumb, simply make a round ring on your penis using your middle and thumb finger and begin to work it using the method below.

You should begin from the pelvis section of your shaft to fasten the ringed finger and draw it to an upward direction. This method aids to boost the flow of blood to the region of your dick area. Redo this method for about 10 seconds and perform it once more for an additional 5 sessions, it will help to increase the size of your penis.

2. Kegel expansions: it is a method of controlling premature ejaculation whereby you sit on top of a tennis ball. The tennis ball should be placed in-between your anus and testicles. It will enable your penis muscles to function more expeditiously and it will also aid to keep off premature ejaculation.

3. Wally ups: this exercise involves you sitting on the inch of a toilet seat, allows your dick to be on its maximum length and keeps a cloth on your dick (it should be erect) and attempt to flew it downwards.

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